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HVAC Service

KILLENAIR is the name you can trust in providing heating and air conditioning maintenance, service and replacement in Faulkner county and the surrounding area. We provide quality work and great service at reasonable rates.


Our company’s goal is to provide HVAC service with excellence through constant training. To serve customers with upmost respect, honesty and integrity. Let our experience and expertise help you with all your air conditioning and heating needs.




There are thermostats available for everyones

style and everyones needs.



The single most important consideration in your home is the air you breath. It is extremely important that you change your filter every 30 days



26 Point Tune-Ups & Inspection

1. All electrical wires inspected

2. All fittings are inspected

3. Check your breakers integrity

4. Measure voltages

5. Monitor motor integrity

6. Check blade & wheel balance

7. Check for carbon monoxide

8. Check gas pressure

9. Change all customer provided filters

10. Check for any gas leaks

11.  All safety checks at furnace

12. Check temperature drops

13. Will tighten all fittings

14. Freon levels checked

15. Check integrity of duct work

16. Will check thermostat operation and calibration

17. Inspect flue pipe

18. Check coils for cleanliness

19. Check burners

20. Check flame integrity

21. Check heat exchanger for leaks

22. Lubricate where needed

23. Clean condensing coils

24. Clear drain lines with CO2

25. Add pan tablets to drain pans

26. Discuss needs and wants with customer


We accept all major credit cards, cash and personal checks

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